Wednesday, October 15, 2008


OK at our second attempt at the world masters, given traning interupted by injury I was not expecting to rewrite the record books, but today was interesting. I ended up riding a 2:51 which of the four pursuits I have done was equal worst time. BUT I did have a good ride and rode the pursuit very well, just the time did not reflect the ride.

I was happy with the ride, but not the time, my start was bad again, and I porbably lost a seond or two in the start, but I didn't die during the ride and we were very organised as far as getting all of our gear into the track and getting onto the track...

Better luck next year and it is obvious that the riders doing well are doing some very specific training for the track and pursuiting and we have not done anything really specific and that was what showed in the end basically. Shane rode a 2:35 which is also one of his worse times and in the science of pursuiting there are a few key factors including specific training, gear selection and practising starts out of the start I was disappointed when I got my time, but happy to have it over as ridiculous nerves really annoy me.....better luck next year!

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