Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tour starts

Well no gratuitous pics of me with some international bike rider, but today was the first stage of the Tour Downunder and it was fantastic. We went to the stage finish at Tanunda which is a lovely town about 100km from Adelaide and saw the ambience of the Tour. We actually got a spot near the rails bout 60m from the finish so we got to see a sprint and he finish and these are my pics.

This is the cars that lead the race, they represent the leaders jersey, the KOM jersey, the young rider jersey and sprint jersey.
The leaders jersey (the Santos jersey) is Ochre
The KOM jersey is white
The Sprint jersey is Blue
The most aggressive rider jersey is reddish
Young rider is very [rpetty multi colored and team is blue

This is mid way through the race and show riders eating and just getting to the end, it is about 36km to the end and just past the Tanunda sprint

This is the final sprint and Greipl who wins the stage is on the left and Gert Steegmans (Radioshack) comes 2nd. I am not sure who came third

On the way home we saw Team Radioshack driving back and we sae Johann Bruneel in the passenger seat, but didnt get a pic.

Lance rides number 11 and his bike is on the roof.....It is very exciting............To Be Continued


S said...

You sound like you are in heaven, enjoy!
Sandra :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

catching up on your posts... amazing pictures! Love that one of Lance too! What an experience :)


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