Saturday, May 02, 2009


Blogging inspires me, reading others blogs inspires and just being about to get out and give it my best is a source of inspiration and drive for me.

But interestingly I have found a lot of inspiration and drive of late in watching "cheesy" fact it is THE BIGGEST LOSER that has made me think about what we can achieve by putting our minds to it. Motivation Passion Drive Ambition and Courage are all words used in the show as characteristics to have to succeed. It is not rocket science and it is not hard....YES the continued effort and focus is challenging (another great word) but we seriously can achieve what we want with persistence and planning.

Why am I talking about this? Well I have to take a few steps back and start again when I am back on the bike and I have to have these characteristics to succeed.

1. on Windtrainer this week (maybe...waiting on advice from coach), but walking to keep some arm aches after 30 minutes so maybe two thirty minute walks (like today are better)
2. Watch weight..I put on 3 kgs in the first two weeks and have started to reverse that now.
3. Remain focused and plan.

It is three weeks today since I crashed and things are going well but I have to rest and recover properly so I don't go backward again....Thanks for your support everyone and I am looking forward to racing again and time trialling like a watch out cause I will be FAST on my new TT bike that I have had for three months and have ridden 5km on (can you believe that?) I have ordered a new bike kit to wear and will look fast too....


Pedalman said...

The waiting is tough but once you get a green light, the training becomes heavenly. Your focus and outlook is stronger and happier. Trust me, after 5 months I finally received a 50% green light and it feels as if the roads are paved with gold.
I look forward to seeing what happens when the doctors inform you that you should get back on your new TT bike.

Mike J said...

Sounds like you've got a great plan and the motivation is there. I'm thinking you're going to make a great return.

Bluenoser said...

With a healing paw at the moment I'm feeling the same way. So I'm taking a little motivation from you.


sarah said...

That is exciting to have the new TT bike waiting for you! Good to hear that you are planning and keeping motivated! Hope the healing speeds right along.

Buttsy said...

Thanks guys, seriously I am hoping to (and cant see any reason why not at this point), to get back into training with a real focus this year and be determined and all of those chgaracteristics I mentioned..

Interesting how many of us cyclists have had to return after injury...and we all do it and love cycling still


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