Monday, February 15, 2010


Well this week I am working on a few things, I need a better computer for my pics and to use photoshop and stuff and uploading to the web, so we are buying one and getting faster broadband and photoshop (I only used a "try-hard" photoshop before).

This is very exciting and I am getting a bigger screen.....the new computer actually is not costing a lot as we have a friend putting it together but it will be awesome......cant wait.

Mood this week still flat........but my new computer/broadband/software project is huge this that will keep me busy and then I will be here all day blogging, uploading pics, photoshopping pics. Oh and I am studying nutrition part time so there will be study (not much of that is on the computer, mainly textbook and notes) and there is riding my bike........

I found some interesting stuff on lacking confidence and handling insecurity on the livestrong website so have been reading that and will be journalling positive thoughts and things that I do each day that are good...not journalling here as you dont want to know that I made a nice dinner or plucked my eyebrows here......nah I dont think you do...anyway I am about to do a Chris Carmichael on the trainer and there is yoga tonight (I have poor flexibility but determined to stick it out and get better as I am enrolled for first term)  Shane is going along as well and between us we struggle with the poses, but give it our best shot.....I have discovered my balance is great then whoops......then ok...then whoops.......core strength is ok.

Cant wait to get my Photoshop and Lightoom and photo managment stuff so I can put more pics on here easier. The new computer will be great as this one crashes constantly and I think it actually cost more than the new one and I will be going from old XP with not enough RAM and stuff to Windows 7 with heaps of everything.....woo hoo......I didnt get the job, I had an interview for the other day, but had positive feedback from the interview panel and so hopefully will be able to get something happening soon.....just trying to keep positive thoughts at the moment.....:-)

"Determination determines the outcome"


trio said...

Try not to take too much on!

Sometimes I set myself three tasks a day. As simple as:
1) Do dishes
2) Put ironing away
3) Empty bin
Then I can tick them off and get a sense of achievement. I am careful that they aren't huge and some days even the above would be too much.

Look after yourself!

Red Bike said...

I'm looking forward to the new pics.

Are all cyclists depressed? I think you need a certain sort of attitude to want to go out and 'suffer' for hours.

Strangely this suffering does seem to put the world to rights; and I do feel a lot better after a hard ride. I guess it's because I haven't got the energy to feel grumpy any more.

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I personally find it very helpful to keep busy when combatting depression. Even just a flat slightly deflated one.

Just be sure that it isn't do or die. It doesn't really matter if everything gets done today, just as long as you stay busy.

Buttsy said...

Thanks everyone, trio - that is good advice, today I have about two things to do and study doesnt start for another couple of weeks.

I am having a good day so far today - it is 8am and I rode this morning and felt good...... is just full of surprises/


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