Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update and Training

Tuesday I went training with two friends and we did hills (lots of undulations), total ride was 90km and my thighs were in agony yesterday like I had been doing heaps of squats......Even today I gave the fast ride a miss this morning and will do an 80km ride on some smaller undulations and stuff on my own. Basically I cant sit down without putting my hand down first to support myself as my thighs are in PAIN!. So I am here in my knicks ready to go and will be on the bike as soon as my breaky goes down.

AND the best news is work hasnt rung to say I can come back tomorrow, but I have enrolled in a photography course which starts next Monday and I got my new computer which I havent connected yet. The photography course will be great, learning to use Photoshop and do some really creative stuff. These pics are some of the photos I had in my portfolio to apply to get into this course.  I didnt have a lot as I have only had the camera for three months so I have been on a steep learning curve.

But just being motivated by something has helped my moods, and before you think I am overdoing it, I am basically doing this photography course and a couple of nutrition subjects and will either end up back at work and have to stop this course, or I will have to get another job and therefore will have to reassess. The photo course is only one and a half days a week and it is local. So I have to get my new computer set up on the weekend (but I might leave it until next week, when I will have my new internet pack. Does anyone have any hints on setting up Wi Fi and the risks with a wireless network? I have to read a bit about that before I get into it all.

This is a cool pic of a girl in our club who is riding really well. Hopefully she will continue to keep getting stronger too.

Anyway feeling happier and it is a really nice day outside so a good day for a ride, I will do the first 60 and then reassess, my legs might have had enough by then......seriously my thighs are killing today, but once I warm up they might improve.


John Berry said...

Really nice pictures....

I hope the tired muscles settle down, perhaps a nice recovery ride is what's needed!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Nice pictures!

I love wifi. We have an airport from Apple. It's made it sooo nice. We have a password, and haven't had any problems.

Have fun at the class, and I hope those muscles settle down. Has to have been a mean ride!

Laura said...

Wow, I cannot BELIEVE how far you went - congrats!

Red Bike said...

I love those pics, espeshially the top one!

BettyBetty said...

Like your pictures - sounds like you had a good workout!

trio said...

Do you think you will get back to work soon?

Sounds like a great idea, something to get you out everyday. You are also aware of overdoing things so you are being sensible!

I like the sore legs feeling!

Mike J said...

Those are some great pictures. WiFi is great and not that big of a deal to set up. Once you have it set up you can roam around the house connected to the internet anywhere. I love the freedom. Good luck in your class.

Buttsy said...

Thanks everyone, only two days until I start my course, legs have settled, rode ok today, we have our club crit champs tomorrow (unless it poured today). no real ambition for me, I am in the B grade race and will hopefully get to the end and have a go in the sprint, (Not a sprinter...)....anyway, it will be a good day!


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