Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The wash up from the race tonight

OK arrived at LCCC and there are 4 grades, I have raced B grade before so decided to give it a go. Well we took off like cut cats and then on the second lap got mixed up with C grade and I was off the back so I had a lap out and got back on and then raced for about 15 minutes with the bunch before I ran out of legs and then jumped on the back when they came past, sI was effectively two laps down and the pace was on. My legs were trashed from the weekend and yesterdays ride, but I still would have found it very hard and pushing my limits.

The average speed for the race was 37.5kph which was not my speed as I was two laps down, but A grade would have only averaged about 38.5kph I am guessing as Shane rode A grade and they were not much faster.

The wash up as far as my attitude was:- I was happy to give B grade a shot, C grade is way slower, I want to get used to riding at the end of my rope and having to corner quickly so I did gain some experience and overall I rated the race as good despite being dropped twice.

Will I be back - Yes . Won't be racing tommorrow night because the weather looks too nasty and it is a two hour drive to get to tommorrows race and it will be called off if it is wet.

Thanks to those who have been supportive. I need to get out of my comfort zone and push hard - and I will get stronger and I will be hanging on to the end of a race in B grade (Just not this week)


Chris said...

No worries. You have plenty of time to improve. The best way to get good at racing is to keep racing. Your top end will develop and you will be there at the end.

Roger said...

Whaaaaattttt! Just got to keep on racing more now. Maybe sandown next thurs. Do you want me to come and show you how to race?

Groover said...

Good on ya for trying. I raced B-Grade last year and it's good to push past your limits once in a while. You are doing great.


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