Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Training...just more crap about it

OK...I think my back is nearly 100% I am calling it 95% just to be sure, I still have a few issues when I go walking as my left leg feels a bit weak and by the end of my walk I feel like I have a disability a bit but it is pretty good for most of the walk. I did a hard WT sesion on Sunday and had a rest day on Saturday which was a swap from my programme and yesterday I did pilates and rode easy 40km (medium 40km,,,some was easy) and today is WT session for an hour with some intervals which I actually enjoy today is 5 x 4 minutes at AT....might be a bit easy really then I have to do an hour on the road...

Worked last night which was ok we did a job at 1am which went until 4 but then I went to bed fingers crossed that I would sleep and I did woo hoo...

Shane got new bike shoes yesterday and I took a pic of Morph with the shoes and sent it to Shanes phone with the caption "New Toys" and Shane sent back "aaaarrrgghh" pretty funny. Would post the pic here but I am missing a cable for my pc and phone....oh well

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