Saturday, September 06, 2008


Well it has been a while, but my back is not too bad at the moment and I am training, not at 100% but breaking myself back in and between walking the dog and riding the bike, and stretching I am trying to keep myself injury free. Got dropped on Thursday at the ride and not so happy about that as I hung on the week (albeit a slower week) before and so this week was a bit of a surprise, I rode 60kms to Dargo on Sat and 60 km home the fingerboards on Sunday and that was pain free and then rode Tues night 40kms, and Wed morning, Thursday Morning and Friday morning and I ran out of legs on Thursday when the pace really went on and I think part was injury related and part was still recovering from the big hills on the weekend, will hit out this Thursday again and hopefully go much better fingers crossed.

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