Sunday, December 01, 2013

Vegie Time

I am loving having a veggie garden and considering my plan was to have a garden bed of about 4ft x 2 ft to "grow a few herbs, it just gets bigger and bigger all the time.

Thanks to my husband for a book about Vegetable and Fruit growing this year, I now have some tools to help me along the way.

I have two small garden beds (compared to the ones in the book…mine are small), and I am growing:-

- Basil
- Coriander
- Dill
- Oregano
- Thyme
- Just planted Chives
- Sage
- Parsley
- Rosemary
- Tarragon

- Tomatoes
- Broccoli
- Spinach
- Carrots
- Leek
- Lettuces
- Cucumbers (planted today)
and I planted some Watermelon plants today…….

The aim is for the garden beds to supply food to be eaten and provide some fun in the growing process.  Seriously once you have the groundwork done, i.e.: dig a garden bed and put some good soil in it, plant some seeds or seedlings and keep an eye on it and just spend 10 minutes each day watering or weeding and the whole project is a goer…..

Just wanted to share my latest pics as I have placed a fence around the bed for the new puppy that will be living here soon and I have protected my tomatoes from the birds that ate them all last year. The left garden bed is all grown from seeds and the right one is a mix of seedlings and seeds and some plants just grew from nowhere??

Home Grown and ready to eat (or laugh at…….)

Home Grown Lettuce

Maybe I am no threat to Covino Farms 

This is the lettuce, I cut leaves from the bottom and it just keeps getting taller….

I think my spinach was bolting to seed

These guys are so ugly……..and noisy

Large Leaf Rocket

Not a huge garden…..but a fun project and PUPPY PROOF…and BIRD PROOF




Some herbs in pots…..need some TLC..


Excited about my mini tomatoes

The only snail I want to see

The Pretty Bits

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