Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Core Strength

Its been a while since my last confession/ quickly

I had my crash in May, then a sore back, was off the bike for a month and now back on and have a whle new energy (I hope).

Since May I raced the Three Day Tour in Gippsland (4 stages in three days), I rode stage one an 8 km time trial. Pulled out of stage two and then was a DNS - I became a photographer instead. I had a miserable time on Stage 2 - got dropped very very early and then basically was in a foul mood for the know the way it goes, when you are having a bad day and it is getting worse, but hopefully that is all in the past now.

THEN I raced Gippsland Time Trial Champs - Won first lady
THEN Club time trial and was 2nd in B grade (BY ONE SECOND)

THEN the Riviera Tour - Five stages in four weeks, I pulled out of B grade in Stage one, after getting dropped on the first lap - too hard, feeling too sorry for myself and overall just "princess behaviour". "I am no good at this, why so I even bother"....etc etc even though you know better, your head was to do the negative self talk!!!
Stage 2 was time trial and they let me ride C grade - It was my favorite course from the Tour last year and I won C grade and rode really well. (Note to self- when a club lets you drop a grade to help your self confidence, dont win!....looks like back to B grade)
Stage 3 - The time trials in the Tour. I was 8th of 28 riders all up that rode the time trial. so Very Happy with my ride, I really had a great day and rode well
Stage 4 - I didnt ride as it was the day before our club Time Trials - which I lost by ONE SECOND - Did I mention that??????
Stage 5 - Now Bairnsdale rearrange the grades a bit and put anyone sitting and doing it too easy in a grade up to the next grade. I rode the new B grade, and on the hills, four of us were away and in the sprint I won! I won the, I got help from Chris at Bdale who gave me a great lead out and John at Bdale was very helpful and encouraging too and I sprinted hard AND WON...I was in shock.

This week, new focus and training hard and this is my Core Strength (All the pics are from the net None are me)

Thats it for now...must get back in touch and say hi to all you happy riders, and share some enthusiasm, it is back on track........have got Nationals in about eight weeks, so will have to try and get some training in. On Friday we go to Sydney for a holiday, you know the holiday ones, no agenda just have fun and relax!!!

If you are wondering where this new enthusiasm comes from, it is a long story, it comes from a whole range of places and overall there has been some positive news in the past few months for my work sitiuation and just studying nutrition and my photography course has really begun to show me that there is plenty out there in life to do, and enjoy. I dont know really, it just doesnt pay to take yourself too sseriously all of the time.



Donna said...

I'm happy to see an update, Judith! I'm even happier to read you're doing well. Nice showings the last couple months! And yes... you can never do enough core!

Krista said...

Glad your back! We all need a break on occasion.

Bluenoser said...

A rest then back better than ever... good for you.



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