Thursday, December 02, 2010


It has been a bery busy few months, I have been training and getting back into racing, but I have had my parents living here since early July which has made studying and training and everything more difficult. I have managed to finish two uni subjects and my Certificate in PhotoImaging this semester which has been fantastic and so for bike racing I got a new coach and have been slowly improving my power (No I dont have a power meter, I use my wind trainer and my gearing to work this out....well my coach does that bit)

This weekend is the Tour of Bright and I just hope to ride a great time trial. There is a 80km stage in the morning, a time trial in the afternoon and the next day is a ride up Mt Hotham which will be hard and probably cold and wet looking at the weather report for the weekend.

I also have been contacted by SKINS who want me to test their new knicks which will be awesome, I love my Skins for recovery and so a pair of knicks will be awesome.

I will have a report on the skins in the next couple of weeks.

I have also been working on my photography business and have my new website at  and that is coming along, I only really got the whole thing up and running this week so slowly but surely getting better there..........

Oh and amongst all of that I have been applying for a new job and so far no luck, but it will happen........just keep on trying.

I have missed my blogging friends and those who have kept me motivated so often and I really have no excuse for not putting a few words down from time to will change that from now......!!!

Thanks for readng and hopefully I will have a good story about the Tour of will be a nice weekend as Bright is beautiful!


Donna said...

Great to hear from you, girl! Life can be kinda nuts. I can totally, TOTALLY relate. Thanks for the comps on the new blog look. I've been meaning to do something different for a long time. :) Hang in there and I look forward to reading about your race!

Mike J said...

Good to see a new blog post. I'm pretty behind in posting too. Good luck in your race. You're going to rock! I'm also interested to see how you like SKINS. You must have a great hookup with them.

Mike J said...


John Berry said...

Welcome back...and good luck :-)

Fancy swapping climates for a few months? Its getting darn cold, icy,snowy and dark here :-(

Buttsy said...

Thanks Donna, Mike J and John......I am about to write my ToB report which will explain how pain feels.... and the valuable lessons about hunger flat!


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