Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goals for the year

OK, must fess up now, and admit to myself what my goals are for the year........
1. Get stronger and fitter
2. Become better at Time Trialling (also refer Goal Number 1)
3. Have some good results....well that might mean good results for me as much as overall placings.

OK, I am over the gastro bug that hit me on the weekend, it didnt hit me as hard as it hits some, thank goodness, not sure where I picked it job is a hazard...but shopping at the supermarket and holding a trolley (without gloves...vs my job with gloves) means that you are potentially exposed to whatever anyone that had the trolley before you has......are you scared now to go shopping? Started training last night, rode 60km in a bunch and did two bug turns at the end with the tailwind and got the bunch cranking a bit...or was it just me legs were feeling it....I was a bit more washed out on arriving home than I would have liked...but ok today, did 40 this morning at a nice pace...friendly morning.

Next races are March 7th (If I am off work) 30km time trial at Bairnsdale as part of a multi sport festival. weekend of cycling. In fact I can probably enter the whole weekend as I dont think I am working....woo hoo...

Then the weekend after is a big crit at Maffra which is an open and in previous years has attracted some good riders and the weeknd after that is the Vic Masters Pursuit champs which will be huge and I need to get to the track and practice starts and practice starts...(autorepeat).

So March has some good racing and I hope to maintain some of the fitness I am slowly building.

Tommorrow Night I am looking at a Time Trial bike a Scott Plasma Pro (my first choice is a Cervelo).....but the Scott looks is second hand and I will save big bucks........or should I hang out and wait for a Cervelo (like everyone else it seems going by my lasy Cervelo bidding war on ebay......)...decisions decisions...

Feel good today, am off work and have cleaned out the kitchen drawers (maybe I am still sick, hang on.....) Yesterday I tidied up and organised my study as I had been surviving on the seat of my pants with finding the right piece of paper just when you need it....I pay all bills by keying them into internet banking to pay on the due date, then you can lose them and it doesnt matter, they dont ripen and become red...they just get paid....Enough about the trivial stuff in life, I have to measure my bike frame now to see how my time trial position would fit on this Scott bike I am looking at....Wish me luck for tommorrow

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Groover said...

Oi! What about riding on rollers? :-)


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