Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time flies

Well training has been going ok, I am packling the car now for our annual Easter trip to Maryborough and then we have Nationals in a month...not sure if I am quite ready for Maryborough but it will be a good gauge on where I am at.....have got bikes wheels, cans of refreshment......some food....heaps of stuff packed, ususally is a good weekend of racing, hope my HRM works, it has been playing up and it is important in the ITT.....not much else to report well there is but I have to have the car ready by 2:30 and I have a bit to go and sitting on the computer is getting me nowhere fast...I have got a couple of sets of wheels, I just cleaned both mine and Shanes bikes and busy busy...

Training has been going well and I am riding well on the fast days, still worried about my lack of energy at the end of those rides, they are pretty quick though and I am going should be fun this weekend, there are six of us going from Sale and Ruby is riding a really nice bike that she got on loan from the local bike shop.

Events are Road Race tommorrow then time trial on Sat morning, 300m sprint in the afternoon and criterium on Sun and the handicap is on Monday....I won the handicap two years ago, they moved me back ten minutes and I came tenth last year but this year will have to wait and see, they might have moved me back again, I hope not as I will run out of steam but it is all about listening to your legs and working with your bunch but knowing when you absolutely need a rest.

Then home on Tuesday and pick up the big mutt......

Should be fun..I just need to enjoy the racing and take the good with the bad....pat myself on the back for good things and think about why things could have gone better. My last race was a week ago and I pulled out after 30 minutes as I just was struggling with the corners, on a tight circuit....Better luck this time, the Maryborough circuits are great.

Fingers crossed

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