Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fast Fast Fast

I woke at 515 and could hear the wind and had all but decided to pull the doona over my head and go back to sleep...but that nagging in my head made me get up and front for the Thursday morning fast ride and it was a bit windy. Fortunately I was not alone and there was Mick, and Gary L who had both done Licola yesterday. I was upset to find that Ben and Simon had NOT done Licola yesterday and were riding on fresh legs. Nige and Mick did all of the work and Ben did some early, but both he and Simon were saving themselves for the big Tri on Sunday and sat in the bunch, Gary L paid the rpice of Licola but we waited and he got back onto the bunch and Darren Cowell paid the price of making too many cappacinos at work and also stayed in the bunch. Overall it was a great ride and helped my mood a lot
Mood for Training - GOOD
Mood for cycling - EXCELLENT
Overall it was a grand day.

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