Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bike crash (WARNING - pictures of cracked carbon)

This is the new frame the day it arrived from WA.........The forks were included, just not unpacked yet!
This is the new bike ready to go! Basically it is a 2007 Trek Madone SSL frame which I got at a great price from a bike shop in Western Australia with all of my gear on it.

The gear shifters are new though as my old ones were ruined and had to be replaced and I think the bike bits needed a bit of tweaking here and there, but now the bike looks like this...I have always been a black tape person, but now I have white.

This is the downtube from the old bike, the crack goes three quarters around the carbon on the tube.........not a good look

The front fork on the old frame was cracked right through too.

This is another pic of the downtube showing the crack even better

So I had to buy the frame and shifters and now the bike is ready to roll. I picked it up yesterday and am racing it this weekend, must admit I am a bit nervous about riding it on the road, I have only had one ride on the road in three weeks. I was on the windtrainer on my other bike this morning for about 40- minutes, it has been a crap run, crash bike, have a week off to recover, then really busy and then my back went on me and so have been laying low letting that recover and it is nearly ok now......ready to ride new bike tonight! Looking forward to it (I think)!

Not sure what is getting the better of me at the moment, I just have so much self doubt about my riding, I have to let it go and rememebr that I ride ok, and if I have a crap ride...then so what?! is still hard work though trying to rebuild my head....and this is from way before the crash......just have to get out there and what is that? Oh that is it...ENJOY THE RIDING...especially on the new BLINGY bike!


Red Bike said...

Yay, new bike!!

Mike J said...

That's a great looking new frame. I'll be interested to see if you end up liking the white bar tape.

Donna said...

This is an awesome read:

Hope your bike rides well!

Donna said...

This is an awesome read:

Hope your bike rides well!

Buttsy said...

REd Bike - it is a bit like that
Mike, I like white tape, but it looks like crap when it gets dirty, so I am a bit on the fence about it becasue of that.
Donna - Thank you so much that is an awesome read, I am printing it out to have near my computer. There I go getting all teary again, what is wrong with me? Just have to be strong and think about the good things!

Donna said...

There is no being strong -- you either are or are not! You so totally are! You wouldn't be doing what you do for sport for son long if you weren't mentally tough!

So easy to say -- I'm having my own struggles right now. Need to get my copy of "Mind Gym" back from my training partner!

Hang in there... it will all come back around to you.

Buttsy said...

Again thanks Donna, I am just reading this over coffee before we head off to race the three day tour.....Today is 6km time trial (that sucks I prefer longer), and a 50km road stage. I am in C grade...but that is like normal B grade as it is pretty your note was good timing :-)

Lindsay said...

woohoo for a new bike!


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