Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bike Riding

Well, in recent months I had found motivation was a little low to ride the bike, but May was a huge improvement and I began to do some good training, nothing mega long in distance but just some consistent training and great intervals THEN - On May 23td (one week ago today), on a training ride I crash and wreck my bike......OK here is how it went:-

- Easy training ride, recovery ride - I touched the wheel in front and then I was on the ground and not sure how I am feeling, I end up standing up, as I am thinking I am going to have to ride home, but I get told that I have to sit. I have blood all over me and an ambulance has been called. In a nutshell I felt ok, but my bike frame is cracked in three places (my Trek 5.9 Madone) and my brake levers are wrecked, but I am ok, I had a lot of blood as my sunglasses had cut my head and heads bleed a lot and so blood had dripped down my face and down my brand new white bike top!.

Minor scrtaches on knees, and L elbow and L hip and L shoulder but absolutely no joint pain or really sore spots. I didnt need any pain killers and I am not that tough really. I just have to get a new frame and brake levers. So this week I havent trained much as I have rested. I went out with th Friday morning group on a borrowed Trek as they do a crash replacement thing, where you get a heavily discounted Frame, so I am just weighing up my options. I still have a fantastic steel bike, which I had custom made years ago and is a good bike with Shimano Ultegra, so I do have something good to ride. My ride in the bunch was good, didnt feel nervous in the bunch, just cruised along, the bike I had borrowed needed a torque wrench to get the seat up to my height, and as we dont have one so I rode the bike with the seat a bit low, but it was a 2010 Trek Madone 5.2 demo and may I just say that Trek do have a good warranty on their bikes and the ability to ride a test bike is fantastic.

Lately my riding had been going ok, In the Gippsland Hill climbing champs, I came second and won a silver medal and in our club road racing championship I rode B grade and stayed with the main bunch for the first 30km lap and only got dropped on the steepest part on the second lap, so I was pretty happy with my ride really, I was the only female in the race, so it was me and the guys in B grade!

Gippsland Hill Climb Placegettters (3rd Katrina East, 1st Kristy Glover and 2nd Me (with the stupid

Photography and study have been full on and you can see my gallery at Red Bubble by following the link:   I have taken way more pictures, but at the moment have limited what goes on to the gallery to my favorites and that is about it.

It is an interesting year on the bike, I just have to set my goals and get focussed. Overall had been happy with my riding it was going ok, and I have just had one week off and been missing the bike, but decided that I should rest and then I can get back into it next week., plus I had TAFE Monday and Tuesday and I had a photoshoot in a studio  on Saturday and had to make sure I had everything done for that. For the photoshoot I was the stylist and photographer, I made the dress and apron for the model and cupcakes which were a prop and put a lot of thought into the shoot and it was heaps of fun, so now that is done I can focus back on Biochemistry and Maths in my other course, there is never a dull moment really (except for the reading Biochemistry bit - I would rather lick paint off the walls)!!!!

My goals at the moment are on the bike - Three day Tour in two weekends,
Then I have two exams the following week and I must be on holidays for a month from study. I had a job interview at the gym this week too, I used to teach aerobics and loved it and hopefully the interview went well.

Thats all for now.

This is some of the bike club in out new kit which we only just got - my wind vest does now have a minor hole on the back of my L shoulder (damnit!!!)....Looks great I reckon!


Bluenoser said...

Sorry to hear about the crash Buttsy. Glad to hear your OK they build new frames every day. That's what i was pissed the most about last year when I went down on the Portland, crewing up all my nice riding apparel.

Thumbs up on the hill climb.


Mike J said...

I own a Madone too and I think if it cracked I'd cry for 3 straight days. Glad to hear you survived your crash.

Groover said...

Glad you are ok. What bike are you planning to get? Another Madone? Oh, and well done on the medal!

Buttsy said...

Thanks guys, sorry I am not here very often at the moment. I just get caught up in Photoshop a bit.

There is a madone frame for sale in a shop in Western Australia a 2007 6.5 SSL so I am going to ring up about that, but i have been given a good price on a complete 5.2 Madone with Ultegra......and a good price on a PInarello........I feel fine just a bit devastated, my frme has been stripped and it looks a bit poorly.....have got some pics, I just have to resize them for the web

Red Bike said...

Oh no. I'm sorry to hear about your crash. I hope you're alright.

On the positive side at least this means a shinny new bike


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