Friday, January 28, 2011

TDU - Womens events ( yes there were two)

Women's Cycling at the TDU

This year there were two events tied in with the TDU which were designed for Elite women. Two criterium races, the rendition homes series which was run in conjunction with the TDU. Although not a road tour, it is a step towards having womens events run in conjunction with this fantastic tour and it had a class field of elite Aussie women racing.

I only managed to get some pics of the first race and the pace was on, Peta Mullens told me after the event that it was fairly fast, but coming off the Melbourne Bay Crits and then the National Criterium Champs, I am sure that the pace was different here (it certainly has made me realise I need to work on my cornering for crit racing though!)

Full results after the two races are available here. In Brief Chloe Hosking won, South Australian rider Annette Edmonson was second and Victorian rider Nicole Whitburn finished in third place.

More pictures of the event can be found at Womens Cycling which is a fantastic website run by professional cycling photographer CJ Farquarson, who travels the world following women's racing.

I have included some of my pics here of race 1, I love watching women's racing as it is always so inspiring. Racing at an Elite level, theses girls are just so committed to training and racing.

Nicole Whitburn (in white) who eventually finishes third overall

AIS Development Squad rider

Fast Legs look just as daunting in womens racing

Tiffany Cromwell

Chloe Hosking wins and celebrates!


hsmema said...

Great pictures!
xx Sandra H

Judi said...

lovin' this. are you racing?

Buttsy said...

Thanks Sandra and no Judi OI am not at this level, I would love to be racinbg faster, still wouldnt be at this level.

This year I am setting some goals and so far have been training hard and want to improve this is early and the weather is still good and everything is going well so far.....who is your racing going?


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