Saturday, February 20, 2010

A lesson to all - Dont play with Ocky Straps!

OK....well firstly nothing too serious, but I was in the garden and had to get the wheelbarrow into the front yard, opened the gate which is tied to a trailer to stop it rattling on windy nights.....I just released the bolts and the gate just rebounded into my jaw!.......not tied with a rope but tied with an elastic ocky strap.......this was yesterday and other than the initial owwwww, I later found that chewing food is better today, but I hav bruised my jaw bone..........didnt ride last night as I felt a bit yuk..rode today though and will be racing this afternoon........just be careful!

Not a bike story but a warning that it is easy to get hurt!

Other than that I have had a much happier week......have a few plans for the future, work is still an ongoing saga, but I am applying for a TAFE photography course and I have an interview on Monday and have to present a portfolio of work....well I have can see to get an idea but I am only new and still learning so it is basic stuff. If I actually get into the course, I might not be able to complete it so I have a few things to think about, BUT I have to have an interview to have any chance and the course is one and a half days per week.

I have been doing a bit of riding, had a good race on Wed night we averages 36.6kph (I think) for a 36km undulating race so I was happy to be with the bunch, it was a handicap so I had to do my share of turns too, but I finished 6th overall (not unhappy with that though). I am still a bit tired in the legs from that. I did ride a slow 75km the next day and the weather was fantastic. Anyway the race today is only about 40km I think and not sure how I will go as my legs got hammered last Wednesday so I am not expecting anything other than to have fun (I hope). Thats about it, must start getting organised and mybike in order for this arvo.....


John Berry said...

Only one word to say...'Ouch'

I am longing for the summer weather so I can get out on the Wednesday evening TT's...

On the other hand...perhaps I should just move to Oz and have better weather all year round....

trio said...

You might not want to say and I am just nosey but what exactly is happening with work?

My email is

mtb.trio [at]

if you don't want to make it public.

Or just don't publish this and ignore it!


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