Wednesday, April 22, 2009

and yet there is more.......

The mightly collar bone - Left image is my left and relativley normal collarbone and the one on the righgt is my new "lump"

OK..Me vs Tawonga Gap. Last post I told you about fractured collarbone. Well this week further x-rays taken due to pain showed two rib fractures and yesterday the doctor found a pneumothorax, (only a very small one) which effectively is a collapsed lung...air in the intrapleural space...this is not a concern as it is very small and will self resolve...but seems that I took a bigger impact than I thought.

Lessons to be learned:-

1. Stay Upright
2. Don't be scared to get a second opinion from a doc if you just dont feel that your diagnosis seems to cut it
3. Listen to the doc (and my bike coach) say rest and dont try to do too much....(easy to say....but I hate being still for too long)

Plan of attack is on May 1st (19 days after stack, I will start on the windtrainer...ease in slowly and begin training......if it is ok with my coach and everyone else....)
The plan includes a new big comfy seat on the windtrainer as I will be in more of an upright position and this is meant to be more comfortable with my broken bones. Don;t wnat to bore you with anything else, the news is all ok now and I am RECOVERING......Yes falls hurt but a support network like an understanding boyfriend (Shane...thank you). My parents are still living here and my mum is determined to do as much as she can to help...THANK YOU!


331 Miles said...

Wow. Read this post and the last; sounds like a scary fall, but at least you'll have a nice story to tell. Get well!

Suitcase of Courage said...

OUCH! I broke my collarbone about a year ago. Certainly no fun - but TWO?! Wow, I can think of better "matched sets" to have. I'd offer advice based on my experience, but it sounds like you have, er, twice as much experience than I do!

Hope you recover quickly!

Mike J said...

Holy cow, two rib fractures and a collapsed lung!!! That must have been one horrific crash. I know it's tough to be off of the bike but it sounds like you need some rest. Good luck in your recovery. You'll be back racing before you know it.

Buttsy said...

331 - Thanks - stories to tell - not exactly the plan
Suitcase - My first collarbone was 6 years ago so now I have the matching pair, although two toally different breaks
Mike - The lung was only a small problem and I didnt really have any symptoms from it, it was found on an xray and the doc found gaps in the air entry when listening with a stethoscope.

I am resting and recovering and life is pretty cruisy at the moment, unlike my normal life for the past few months where things have been ridiculously busy

Bluenoser said...

Oh I've so been there on the smashed shoulder broken ribs thing.

Get well soon.


Buttsy said...

Bluenoser...I didnt go as far as a smashed shoulder...just breaks..collarbone and fractured (but not displaced) ribs....I took the shortcut....and so far healing ok...but it is just frustrating as I cant do a lot and pain lets me know that I have done too much...easy peasy


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