Saturday, April 18, 2009

famous last words "Stay Upright"

In cycling we love to say "Stay Upright" as good luck for someone doing a big rise...well I obviously didn't listen....There we were having a few easy rides in the big hills, in Bright....(up amongst the Victorian mountains, one of which is Mt Hotham and is where the first picture was taken, from the car on the drive over) on my way to uni for a few days and on Day One (Easy 70km including two climbs) which was to precede Day Two of 110km...well I was doing my final descent down Tawonga Gap (Pic two is me at the Top of Tawonga Gap prior to said descent) and usually I lead the descents as I love to go fast, but Shane was leading and we were going slower and all I remember is instead of facing forward, my bike was sliding sideways at around 45kph - no memory after that (That is my version until I was in a car travelling to hospital with what I recognised as a broken collar bone...yes now I have a matching pair).

Shanes version ..... In the front going slower than Judith likes to travel down the hill, I heard a crash, finally slowed and ran back to her (couldn't get back that easy as Big Hill - Big Gear - Too Hard - Brain not functioning as Judith is laying there not moving) back......she is groaning, I feel terrible, color must be drained from my face. Shit she is on the middle of the road and there is traffic....Thank God the first two cars stop and two ladies help me......and we get her off the road a bit.....looks like she has a broken collar bone...and god knows what else, she has blood coming from her head somewhere and oh my god....I have lost ten years from my life (at least 12 months anyway).
To cut a long story short after four hours observation in hospital and getting home the final count is - Right collarbone broken, cuts on head, elbow side, and bruising on R side, R thigh, L leg, R elbow and feeling a bit bashed up with pain in Right ribs front and back. Felt a bit like I had been run over by a bus.
Now it is a week later and I feel ribs still hurt a bit, collarbone is sore and cant lift arm although I do have a bit more movement than I thought and I can type this with two hands if I keep my elbow wedged into my side. I am also spewing as I had ridden up Tawonga on the back of Shanes wheel, he said to me, hang on but I will come back for you and he proceeded to give himself a real workout up Tawonga, and I hung on the whole way up I was so excited, I was breathing hard, but it was great and a real sign that my fitness is going well......the calm before the storm.....and for those that have been reading Cozy Beehive's big argument on whether helmets should be compulsory and it is a BIG READ, I am on the YES THEY SHOULD...picture of helmet to follow, but as far as mechanical things - Tops got cut off at hospital (Thanks Bright Hospital by the way), and Helmet (Damaged and a crack in the lining), Bike (Brake levers damaged ...BOTH OF THEM and some skin off the side of the seat...but Carbon Fibre Trek looks OK...getting it checked this week!).
Oh and I have a new theory....Lance broke his Collarbone and states that he will be ready for the tour...THE TOUR.....Robbie McEwan had a big crash this week and he thinks he will be ready for the Tour as are you seeing the connection "BIG FALL"..."READY FOR THE TOUR" - it can only mean one thing...I am going to be riding the Tour De France...Woo Hoo..
Keep the Dream alive...will be on the spin bike next week...Training will resume, have had a week off and will have to get back on the indoor bike for now....will nee some indoor tips from Sarah ..... who rides on the indoor trainer a huge amount......


sarah said...

Yes, you should be a contender for KOM in the Tour this year! OMG! So glad you are starting to heal, it must have been one h*ll of a week and you still need a lot of rest, so don't push getting back on the bike too soon! Spin bike will probably feel like enough for awhile. Keep us updated on the recovery!

Mike J said...

What a horrible week you had. I'm really sorry to hear about your crash. My wife broke her shoulder a couple of years ago. It was a tough 6 weeks for her. Good luck on your rehab and the Tour de France. You'll be back before you know it telling amazing stories about your epic crash.

Bluenoser said...

Just think, at the Tour they go downhill no hands sitting on their handlebars, eating a four course meal and text messaging at the same time.

Hope you get well soon and I always wear a helmet.


MrDaveyGie said...

OUCH!!. Good luck in the tour.

Groover said...

Ouch! You'll be alright for the tour, baby! :-) Tour of Bright, I suppose ... LOL

As for the "Take it easy" bit (I won't say it, don't worry) - I know how it feels but I've been told it's just a speed bump. I minor set back ... Keep your chin up, girl.

A dream that was once lost but now found... said...

Sorry to hear about your crash dear. I just had one myself in Tasmania a week and a half ago. It will only make you stronger. Rest up and come back twice as strong.

Buttsy said...

Thanks Sarah - I hear you and everyone is saying the same - rest and recover...thank you
Mike J - Epic stories, dont think so...well not this week...but one night with a couple of wines, my crash will make Lances look like a walk in the park (or something like that)
Bluenoser - TXTing whilst cycling - not for me...maybe that is why I am not a PRO CYCLIST (knew there was a reason)
DG - Thanks and yes ouch
Groover - Thanks for your support and you look after yourself too girl.....
Nic - read about your crash and it sounds terrible, all that screaming and total disarray - very scary stuff....glad you didnt have any breaks, hope the rest of your injuries all heal and you are back racing asap.


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