Monday, February 09, 2009

Another race

Sat after a 46C day and with black rain overnight covering everything in a blackish/grey ash type stuff (That is the technical term)......we had a crit at my club on Sunday morning. With the highways having been closed most of the night, many were kept away so the club which usually boasts 17-24 racers on a crit, had 6 of us!.....we raced B and C grade and 3 in each grade I was placed in B grade. After what effectively was a 45 minute time trial I came second....woo average speed was 36kph and I had done that on my own, didnt wear my HRM thank god....I practised my cornering and trying to keep the guy in front of me in the same straight, I even gained on him a little and a bunch working to chase would have pulled him back, but no such luxury...happy with my ride which topped off a very hard week of riding and ready for some easy km's this is busy.

I got my text books today for my Dietician course and course notes for chemistry and wow that looks like fun..time to remember all of that ionic bonding and covalent bonding stuff......this is going to be a busy 6 months 13 weeks of study, trining on the bike, mentoring a new student at work for the next 6 weeks and you know what...that is how I like it...oh and I am shopping my new time trial bike......

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Chris said...

Sounds like a good effort. You are really coming along quickly.

Good luck with the chemistry. I work for a chemical company and hate chemistry. Go figure.


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