Thursday, February 05, 2009

Back in the Game - The Racing Game

Very happy here today - :-)

Last night went to Latrobe City to race in the weekly criterium, now if you remember in december I raced there twice in B Grade to find it is marginally slower than A grade and I was getting smacked each time I raced\. So last night I raced C grade - I thought about B but then thought well, it is not fair I just never last half a crit so I am going down a grade, and yes I am getting fitter and have got a lot fitter in the past 6 weeks, but it was a gard race, I lead a lot of the race and did some efforts and had rests (and people just still sat on my wheel) anyway I knew that the last corner was the key and so I went for it and only just held off second place, but I won the race, I think we had 11 starters and I won. No prize money as it is a crit series, I got 5 points and I think I just earned the start in B grade next week........Groover - this is where it gets unfair as the back straight last night I was doing around 41 and slowing (false flat) to about 36 at the top and B grade were going up there at 44, so the difference between the two grades is HUGE and whether I will get smacked next week in B is yet to be seen.
BUT - I have managed to hang on to the fast rides this Tues and Thurs and even did a small turn on Tues which wrecked me but I still hung on. I am training hard at the moment, want to drop some weight (we all want that), and ride well.
Someday I will write a history of how I got into cycling. I just love time trialling as it is so pure compared to racing, and I want a new bike and going through the dilemna on whether to buy a specific time trial bike or much going on at the moment, work is great I got my first gig as a Clinical Instructor, bike riding is going strong and life is busy, oh and I am starting a Nutrition course at Charles Sturt Uni in Wagga distance education to learn more about nutrition, I have done heaps of reading, and one of my first subjects is Chemistry.....must confess I love I just pure geek or what.....anyway today is a good day and having a day off the bike tommorrow and just doing some core strength and working.


Groover said...

Don't you hate it when guys have no pride sitting on your wheel and lettig you do all the work in the front and then sprint you for the line? Ha. Good girl, showing them what you are made off! Awesome! Congrats and just enter C-Grade again next week! Why should you have to move up?

Groover said...

Oh, and I've got the first job for you once you've finished your Nutritionist course! :-)

Chris said...


Great job! If you remember a comment I made a while back saying that maybe it would be better to go to C Grade to learn how to race and win. I think you made a good choice. Well done Buttsy!

Buttsy said...

Thanks Groover and and Chris, I am very happy, I am definately fitter than last year, I have a race tommorrow and will have to ride B grade (different club) and it will not be as vicious as the Wed night racing but will still be hard.

Bluenoser said...

I'm happy for you. If you want to see a real job of wheel sucking just check out the womens world cyclocross championships last sunday.

The winner (Dutch) she just sat back and let everyone do the work the whole race and then took the sprint.

Again congrats.


Buttsy said...

Bluenoser, maybe she was a wheel suck, but she won and she is a world champion a few times over so the girls "leading her out" would have known her strengths.....but it odes suck...the tactical side of racing is something that just doesnt sit well with me....that is why I love time is you and the clock and nowhere to hide.


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