Thursday, January 08, 2009

The update

Yesterday I did 30km and then one hour on the trainer, with three x 5 minute ITT intervals and they were particulalry hard yesterday especially the last one where I thought that my legs were going to give know when you are one minute into the interval and the thought "what am I doing this for, this is crap and my legs feel like s**t, maybe I should just give up",...but then I think..."No, just give it your best shot and put in everything you can like the last part of a race/time trial/etc etc" and it went ok and I finished the five I think that is good training for the mind and then in my next race, when I have been dropped and ready to throw it in I will think about how I CAN STICK TO IT AN GIVE IT MY ALL, and then magically my legs will just spin and I will be back on the bunch...... So two hours all up yesterday with three x 5.

Today was 2 hours, nothing specific, just riding, so I did that and had a foul headwind for the last 8 km which meant I was destroyed at the end, but again I finished my ride and now I read Trio's century a month challenge I think that will help me with motivation for long or harder rides in the future.

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