Wednesday, January 07, 2009

One week in and have got some plans

OK, it is one week into the new year and I have some goals........

Goal Number 1 - it to get back to about 73kg (at the moment I am scared to weigh myself. 73 sounds like a lot, but at 1.8m tall it is good and I struggle to get to 72 and maybe will look at lighter moving into the road season on the bike.

Goal Number 2 is to be much more diligent with my training. I have a few glitches and a few "she'll be right" moments, but I know I can do better this year, 2008 was mediocre and I have no real "lightbulb" that I mean I have no races where I would say gee I am so proud of how I rode that race etc etc. I did have some interruptions with injury....aand having said Goal Number 2 - it could be interrupted, I am trying to get into MICA this year at work (Intensive Care Paramedic Course), which is a course where you have to sell your soul to get all of the requirements, ie study and training completed......

Goal Number 3 - Try to control the nerves in racing...seriously it is not just the nerves, but the disgusting emotions that come with them......want to be more focussed and I think by striving for Goal Number 2 then Goal number 3 will follow....If you are trained and have done the best you can by the time you get to the start line, you should be in a position to race well.....and feel much more confident about yourself

So Training yesterday was a 3:15 ride (on my own...I saw an echidna..and another furry animal.....might have been a possum as it dashed across the wasnt a rabbit I know that)

I had my pig with me on the handlebars (so a definate weight disadvantage) and clocked 93km...(the pigs couldnt believe it). Today is two hours with some ITT intervals......but must walk my boof headed mutt first.


Groover said...

You are funny, Buttsy! Riding with pigs ... !

Once you figured out goal #3 could you please let me know how to do it? :-)

We will have an awesome 2009, girlie! I can feel it! Good luck with achieving all your goals, the cycling and non-cycling related ones.

jahowie said...

Nice blog!! I miss my bike so much. I can't wait to get back out there. For now, it's all on rollers for me. Michigan sucks. :-)

Bluenoser said...

Yup warmer would definitely help here also, freezing rain and hail today.

Good luck with the goals.



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