Sunday, January 11, 2009

Focussed and Training

Cant believe how motivated I am at the moment to train, I did miss my 3 hour hill ride today because I got called in to work (10 hours double time....woo hoo).....but did 100 yesterday and have been going well this week......We are heading to Adelaide on Friday after I egt home from Night Shift and watching Tour Downunder, doing some training and racing with the Road Race and Time Trial in the Vets series which will be fun....

Hopefully I will remain injury free and be able to keep training and start improving, I started my diet today and want to lose a few kilos and will keep this up to date, I could start one of those little boxes on the blog...but will see how I am going after a few days.


Groover said...

Should we meet up for a coffee after the Friday Stage in Anguston?

Are you taking your bike to Adelaide. I will fly down on Thursday (due to work) and will take my bike.

Would be great to meet! :-)

Buttsy said...

It would be fantastic, we are taking our bikes and will be staying in Glenelg during the tour. Anguston sounds like a plan, will have to check with Shane but cant see any problems

A dream that was once lost but now found... said...

Hey Buttsy, Yes the plan is to race Nationals next year but depends how I go throughout the year with my training. Would be good to see you there!


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