Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Morph was missing - for a moment

I walked Morph today at 5.00am and considering I went to bed last night at 11, after a very busy day it was a good effort, and the walk went well until Morph decided in an "off lead" moment to take himself on a bit of an adventure and I lost him for about 15 minutes. Apart from me being very distressed, I found him playing with a couple of other dogs coming the other direction.....where he went ????? But he is found and I am happy. Tonight is a windtrainer session on the bike after work....

Todays weight was 75.5kg on the good scales and I said I wanted to get to 73kg, but on the good scales that would be about 72kg..they are good because they make you seem lighter.

Threw in a pic of "adventure boy" in his camo t-shirt as his life is like a Boot Camp.

Don't know much else today, life is pretty hectic, working today and Thursday nigth (tommorrow) and we drive to Adelaide on Friday and in the middle of that I have to pack, make sure I leave everything at work in order etc...If I seem stressed, it is because I am a bit stressed...too liitle time and so much to do this week..but holidays will be well deserved.


sarah said...

I know how you must have felt! A couple times I've 'lost' Saffy only to discover that she's been right behind me while I've called and called for her. So close that I couldn't see her, but not touching me either. Every time I turned she'd stay behind me. Not an amusing game for me though she seemed very happy. Fortunately she can't trick me when we have crunchy snow ;)

Buttsy said...

Crunchy that would be fact snow? Not here. Today is meant to be around 100 degrees F, or about 40 snow here, which is why I wanted to walk the big boofhead early.....

micro1985 said...

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