Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Training and General Mood

OK, the truth is today, I am still just doing one hour sessions on the bike, nothing too strenuous but just rolling for an hour every day and getting a healthy sweat on. I seriously dont know if I want to get back on the road at the moment as I think I will be a bit nervous. I have to miss the Licola ride this Sunday and a race this Saturday even though I am NOT working, I just am not strong enough in my left leg to get up the big Licola hills and the race is just too soon. I am going to see a bike physio in Melbounre on Friday for a full consult and get a remediual programme put into place to help me recover a bit, it is tough at the moment and I am struggling with moods a bit as I am definatley missing walking the dog and riding my bike, havent been for a walk with Morph for a month as he would pull too hard on the lead and possbly cause lots of pain, might try a small walk today as I am getting better, but I am so sick of this back.......Friday should be good as it takes about 3 hours and should be a thorough assessment from riding to walking and a plan will be put in place to get me back to full strength. woo hoo

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