Thursday, August 07, 2008

Night shift

Well I was in a foul mood on Tuesday, mainly PMT, but a bit of "sick of my sore back" and just not running at 100%, I am sooo sick of not being able to just jump up and do anything I want to at any time. Got my appointment in Melb tomorrow so that is a milestone and will be a good way of getting back on my feet. Last night was a sad night shift, had a Code 4 patient (translated - dead) it was a patient I had last week too, full of cancer and going down hill and last night she passed, bit sad after seeing her only a week ago, but not unexpected....funny thing the mind is though, this patient had been in hospital for a few days and wanted to go home as she didnt want to die in hospital and then promptly died 12 hours after getting home.....peacefully, we put her in bed, called the dr to certify it and sat with the family....what a weird job being an ambo is sometimes........we are just a cog in the cycle if life.

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