Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well today and yesterday my back has improved a lot, it still ctahes and hurts but I can get out of a seat a bit easier. I worked at the races today, and going under the rail to get back to the truck was challenging so I didnt have many bets today as getting to the bookie was too painful.

I did an hour on the WT tonight and last night and it was ok, just rolling the legs over stuff, last night and the night before I did cadence above 90, but tonight was just about rolling for an hour and not having any targets or anything to do.

Tommorrow is Pilates and some rolling on the bike and just taking it easy, I am not working, have tried to book a massage, but so far no luck in that department. I have left messages for the masseurs so they might ring me back. The best part of my back at the moment is that I can sleep all night with no drugs, no sleeping pills or panadeine which is great as the first week was terrible, but I have not taken a pill for a week now, just used a wheat bag, ice packs and stretching.....

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