Tuesday, July 22, 2008


OK, my list of woes gets bigger....I had sciatic type pain in my left butt last week and NOW on Sunday a muscle in my shoulder went into a spasm and it has been killing me for about two days. I have been using heat packs, massage, deep ehat etc and the massage I had today (which HURT) seems to have helped a lot.....so my training has been limited to the wind trainer and I did intervals on Sunday which went very well and an hour of riding yesterday...with sore shoulder and butt...just rolling and watching tv in warm up HR and today will be intervals again.....so I have done four hours in four days all on the WT but spent a lot of time resting etc.

Anyway other than that life is normal, have been shopping and groceries are ridiculous.....$$$$ anyway nothign else to say today will be getting on the trainer at about 4pm...

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