Monday, July 28, 2008

Sore Back

OK well, according to my chiro today, my back is improving. I have definately been sleeping better and once I am in a position ie: sitting, layng standing, ,y back is ok, it is just the feeling of sharp knives going up your back when you change position that concerns me. Well I did a hard HR session on Saturday which was mentally very challenging, maintaining a cadence of 100-105 and a HR of 95 -98% for three "power intervals" of 5 minutes was bery tough and I felt great to complete them, then the 12 minutes of above aerobic threshold (which used to be tough) just didnt seem to be that hard at all, seriously I found it much easier than I ever had, my back felt ok when I was doing the session and I was able to strecth well after it and that was great, I was completely spent and totally knackered but could stretch and enjoy a shower....Worked Fri Sat Sun no major lifts which was good, last night I was cactus but had a long bath and that helped a lot. I know I am getting better and have to be patient which is easier said than done. At least I can sit at the computer which was a challenge a couple of weeks ago. is an hour on the bike at walking pace, which usually feels good and I can watch TV while I ride as we set up a TV in the shed. I might ride Shanes SPIN bike which is also not bad on the back....then once I am warmed up I know that it is helping my recovery as I can strecth better. My Chiro wants me to start back into Pilates too...I havea 40minute DVD and she said to miss any exercies that cause pain, but core strength will help your back (and my work too I know). So I have to relax, be patient and just do what I can. Morph is missing the walks as I used to walk him daily, Shane took him on the weekend which was great as I hate not walking the big Boofhead as it is very relaxing and a good time to reflect on life in general.

So my plan today is relax, cook a beef casserole and get on the bike later and ride easy walking level pace for an hour and strecth, have to work tonight so just make sure I am rested.

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