Friday, July 18, 2008

Attitude to training

Well this week has been terrible. I was excited to be racing the Southern Vets "Two Day Tour" on the weekend but only a couple of days before woke with a sore "sciatica" type back. Anyway Chiro Friday and raced on the Saturday and won the C grade ITT which was good. Bugggered for the road race, finished with the bucnh planning to have a good go in the sprint, but my thighs reminded me that I rode a hard time trial in the morning.
Since then I have been unwell with some form of Vertigo thing and had the dizzies, had to call in sick for my overtime night shift on the Monday night and then just had two days off, spent a lot of time on the couch resting and I actually got on the spin bike for a slow roll yesterday for 30 mintues and today for an hour so at least I have done something, I have been off my food (which is very unuusual for me) as I usually eat bowls of cereal all the time, but have lost over 3kgs this week I think and that is not for the right reasons.......
So here I am sitting which is an acheivement in itself as sitting has been a difficult thnig thanks to the back pain and leg pain, but it is getting better. I have broken all records this week for time spent laying on the couch, number of showers I have had as they help too and just the little amount of housework I have done......but Bob my coach sent me something a while ago which is great and says that setbacks happen and as long as you are positive that it is only a setback and has not "ruined verything" then you will get over it and move on.
Happy about that..and I know it is a setback and the weight might make me a bigger threat on the hills when I get some form back in my legs.....happy about my time trial. There were about 150 riders over 6 grades and only about 5 women and I won the C grade Time Trial but was third woman, a girl in B grade was quicker than me and another lady who is training to race World Time Trial championship in Austria in two weeks was quicker as well....and considering my days lead uyp to the time trial I cant really complain at all......SMILING HERE AND WILL BE BACK FIGHTING AND (DOING MORE STRETCHING THAN EVER)

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