Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Training and working

Well I have been training hard and working hard too...I rode the Gippsland Three Day Tour on the long weekend which was two weekends ago...must be getting slack at typing here...I rode C Grade which is translation B grade as there are no C graders technically in the race at all. I came 9th out of 16 which is ok, It is all on points so sprints and KOM's which I managed to gain a couple of 5ths (no points for 5th) and overall I was happy with my racing but it was tough especially day two. Overall I must admit I may have suffered thanks to a head cold the days leading up to the tour and so who knows although I doubt my performance would have been any better overall I might have felt a bit better on day one. Then last Sat I raced B grade with Wellington adn came second to Norm thanks to a bad decision on the final sprint where I was in too big a gear for the final hill but had I have got it right the outcoime may have been the same anyway.....I was happy with a second though.

Worked at Maffra yesterday and working at Lakes tonight so I will head off on the bike soon for a bit of a ride while the weather is great 19 degrees and no wind and then come home have a shower a rest and drive off into the blue yonder.

Tommorrow is a long ride (providing night shift is not too busy) and rest....need to rest a bit...I put my tax in yesterday finally which is overdue but at least I have done it now, hopefully will get some money back although you never know...

Thats about it..I have been doind some sessions on the wind trainer lately which I love as they are hard work and seriously fun as well and you sweat a them they are hard and I know that does me good.....when I get off the biek and feel a bit trashed I know I have put in 100%

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