Friday, January 18, 2008


Todayis a day off the bike, I stuck with the fast guys yesterday, although there was no real attacks or bursts of speed, I keep forgetting to look at the Highway to highway average speed, but we sat on about 40-50kph for about 20km which was nice in the bunch when there are no attacks.

I did walk the buffoon today which is nice, and considering I crashed my knee on the back door fo the truck yesterday at work, I was happy to not be putting my knee under any pressure. I am pretty happy with my riding at the moment, perhaps not racing is helping my mood on the bike as I dont have to deal with any disappointment. Backtrack backtrack...should try to be more positive and not put too much pressure on myself when I race and work on the sprint and race finishing. Main goal this year is podium at masters road nationals......I think my best result so far is about a 6th or 7th and I know I am better than that...Want to thrash out my ITT training leading up to Nationals so I can whip them...I want a pair of ZIPP wheels but have tol sell the ute first and then I can get some.....Ute is for sale on and I just reduced the price from 20 to 18 as I have only had one phone call in three weeks so I have to just move it....

Tommorrow is 90km Munro and then race on Sunday morning....should be good then I am on holidays for two weeks and hopefully we will get to Torquay on Monday to check out a couple of houses that have come up and then we are off to hear Monique do a talk on the race Across Amercia on Tues night which will be itneresteing as she is a type one diabetic and will have some interesting stuff to tell on managing diabetes and a full on bike racing bike riding kind of thing.

Mood for training this week - Excellent

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