Thursday, January 31, 2008

Alpine Classic - belated report

Well another 200km entry to the Alpine Classic and thankgoodness Ifinished the 200 last year as this year I was plagued with painful legs in the days leading up to the event, a visit to the dr and to hospital to get some DRUGS to help me sleep and although I was pain free and drug free the night before the event, I only completed the 130km and I felt a bit disappointed. My legs were shocking and I had two nights during the days leading up to the event where I hardly slept but luckily they came good and got me up three climbs on the day. I puched the final climb and passed over 30 riders maybe more...some guy made a joke that I still had the syringe in my butt, but I can honestly say I was chasing Shane up the hills and I was at about 92-95%, I didnt go the full 100 as my breathing gets a bit embarrassing then.

But now My mum is here visiting for two weeks and we went to Barwon heads for a night and now are here in wet Sale...went training this morning (fast day)...not many of the ususdal suspects there and so it was a more sedate pace, I even did two turns! Felt good today about training, although I still have some mountains in my legs and would not handle any viscious attacks on the bike if the tough guys were there. Mum and I have to do some serious shopping today and I have to go to the Bank to start organising finance for the Barwon purchase....Big Day coming up.....Mood - Good

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