Friday, December 07, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

OK, knowing that I have no major racing coming up and I can just refocus on my training I was all organised today to leave home at 2:00 and ride to Stratford and then back here and meet up with the others to do a total of 100km with a 20km interval in the middle and so far it has not stopped raining so poor Morph hasnt even had a walk.

Plan B- It is now 2:00pm and it is pouring - not just misty rain but pouring so new plan is to get on the trainer at 2:30 for around an hour and a half with a 30 minute interval in the middle and then if it is ok, meet the others and overall I will get in around 2.5 hours of riding....

I was motivated and now I am playing on the computer..Actually just created Plan C - Pilates DVD then bike (trainer or road) and do the Plan B thing...

Feeling happy today and bought some de-stress vitamins......Should have taken a whole packet...I ONLY TOOK ONE....AND I THINK IT IS WORKING....Thundering outside.....what a day.....

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