Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Little Dovey

LITTLE DOVEY ENJOYED WATCHING THE TOUR OF BRIGHT WITH ME....How funny is this photo...I love it!! cant believe somebody took it for me

Well, again today I struck a bit of a tough moment, I have to learn to let others opinions just wash over me and not get so caught up in it all. Two things that were said in jest have hurt me a bit over the last few days and the bottom line for me is that...I train hard on the bike and I know I am no gifted athlete, but I just hate it when people say stuff without thinking and it hurts. I have had a few rides lately that have been a bit under my best because I am tired more at the moment, with so much racing and so much going on - buying a house, training on the bike, Shane is under stress from schoolies and stuff and I havent seen mum and dad for 18 months. so I will take a deep breath in and.....

"Dont let the weeds take over the garden" - Now that is an appropriate quote today and so is "People with goals succeeed because they know where they are going"

Again signing off feeling happier and with no serious racing for a couple of months I can just enjoy club racing and enjoy my training.......:-). bIEK RACING DOES MY HEAD IN AND FOR NO REAL REASON SERIOUSLY.....My family always said we are no good at sports

but I do go OK at this....and SO WHAT IF I DON'T!......Now that really does feel better.

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