Monday, December 10, 2007

Training today

OK, motivation is lacking a bit but today I have good cause...I have some weird pain shooting down my neck into my back as I slept funny...AND it is on the lead side when I walk the dog...NOT HAPPY...So MOrph will have to behave and then I can get on the bike. I am tired, spent the weekend in Torquay looking at houses and it is hard work....smiling at the agents and pretending to look interested..... Todays bike is a rest day - but due to scoring extra shifts at work I am swapping and doing Wednesdays 100km today....Leave here at 2pm - weather permitting.

Wish I could muster up some enthusiasm..think I need some sleep and vitamins......zzzz

Now motivation - there I am with a World Champ - must focus on Pursuit for next year......definately want podium.....

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