Saturday, November 24, 2007

In touch with the coach

OK, I braved it and rang Bob last night. Basically I only emailed him after Sydney and hadnt really been in touch, but I think I was scared to admit that I ignored his choice of gear for my pursuit and I rode a 92.5 rather than the 86 he recommended. I did Nationals on a 90 and in hindsight a 90 at Worlds would have been a smarter choice. My goal was a 2:44 which equals a cadence of 99 in a 92.5 and a 106 on an 86 which is pretty similar really. Look to get a real medal you need to ride under 2:42 which would mean if I rode an 88 gear and could manage a cadence of 106 then the time is not out of the question. I just have to really focus on the cadence and gear and get training. It is all a science really on how much power you can generate over the 2km and I know that I can get quicker by training.....just have to get to it..

Bob was great to catch up with as I have been very moody lately in relaiton to bike racing and today I trained but didnt race as I just need a break.....but it is good. We have the Tour of Bright next weekend and that will be fantastic. There are over 50 women entered over two grades which is huge so I am aiming for a top ten in B grade...but Hotham might be the big problem, although most of Hotham is my kind of riding, it is just the start and the end, that could be my breaking point, but the time trial and the first stage will be legs are tired but I think I will be fine by next weekend.......bring it on

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