Sunday, November 25, 2007


Today was the nasty Giffard ride, on the last Sunday fo the month and I could have gone with the early ride (B grade) or hung out for the A grade, I chose the latter, pace was quiet a the start with Mick, Dave D and me the only three doing turns but as we got closer to the turn off the pace got up and it ended up being quite fast. I was the 6th to the top of 3GI in front of me was Shane, Andrew A, Mick, Gary J Mike R and one other person. Some gave up as they had done a lot of work, but I was happy to be in the mix and the best part was that I beat Emu to the top. Emu made some poor excuse that he got back to Sale before me but forgets to mention that I actually had to stop and fix up my chain.......Emu if it makes you happy then you can have the win!.....I know you cant ride well all of the time, but it was nice today to have a tough ride and do it comfortably for most of the ride, had to dig in at times, but overall I felt is all ups and downs on the bike and I just have to learn to live with that.

One day I will learn not to take life so seriously.....just not this week..Tuor of Bright next weekend and I am happy to be racing...and it is not my thing riding mountains, so I do it for the FUN!!!???

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