Wednesday, March 03, 2010

At the crossroads

Three points to the post today - Training, Photography and well...just me.

Went out yesterday for a 90km workout and originally was supposed to be with two guys that scare me a bit (they are a bit quick and it was undulating), but ended up being with one quick and one like me and we ended up doing sprints up hills and it was awesome (I was patheitic and basically broke down in tears because I cant sprint, and my confidence is at a bit of a low at the moment, but I am facing it and getting out and trying harder, if I do my best then that is a good thing...but I loved the workout and I need more of it, where I can find someone to help me, I just cant get that type of thing on my own)......We did about 4 sprints, my sprint on the flat was ok (not great) but on the hills I was pathetic.....I just had no real pedal speed or when in a smaller gear just ran out of puff......It was fantastic

I was pretty happy with the pics I took at our crit on the weekend, I raced B grade but took pics of A and C and they can be seen here actionpactpix. I have now had two days of my course and they have been fundamental boring stuff, but I have set up my dual screen PC at home and have got photoshop ready to load (next job after this)...the wifi is great too by the way....but I have had to reload the printer, the scanner, blah blah it has been a pretty big job changing computers and internet service providers at the same time.

And Me
Well at the crossroads, I have to start uni this week Biochem and Statistics for health which both form part of my dietician course I am doing......havent heard anything about work.....Trio will send you an email, so this week is get my study all in place after the big mess I made changing the computer and then look at study and subject dates assignement dates and stuff.......Oh and I started a patchwork quilt on the weekend, which is on the backburner for a few weeks.......I did find a great training thing on the net last week and will post it soon on my blog...not sure where I found it as it doesnt have the web address on it......

So mood........up and down and I am sick of the mood swings (probably not as much as my hubby, but today has been ok.....going for a ride later about 40 easy goes on.....when I need to do something quietly I sew.....I should put a pic of it on here, it is entry


trio said...

Some good pics there.

I can't sprint to save my life either. I think some people are just natural sprinters. But like you I think it is good for me I just can't motivate myself to do it on my own.

Hope the course goes well.

jeff said...

Nice pictures. I'm not a sprinter either, but I'm trying to be a faster climber. That's where my fun is.

Mike J said...

I don't consider myself fast at either sprinting or climbing but I have a pretty big grin while I'm riding. I think that counts for something.

Buttsy said...

OK, I am going to try and improve my sprinting and reaction to attacks......Mike - the grin is important, and Jeff we are supposed to be doing a tough climb tomorrow so I will tell you how much fun it was and trio I agree some people are natural sprinters, I am a grinder I can go fast but take time to get my speed up......


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