Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Training continues

Well it has been about a week and a bit of very serious training and it has been HARD so far. Last week started with a day off (WOO HOO...also known as the calm before the storm), then on Tuesday I did morning hard ride then 3 x 10 minutes aerobic threshold efforts and in the afternoon I did cadence stuff and then Wednesday I raced a 3km undulating road race in the afternoon. Thursday was sprint efforts after the morning hard ride, Friday was some easy kms and Sat was 90km of hills and Sunday another race - a criterium,

MY LEGS have been very tired...I had yesterday off the bike, but went to Melb to buy a fancy dancey digital SLR camera and walked around the city all day....today I did 3 x 10 minutes aerobic threshold efforts which was hard as my legs are still a bit tired. This is supposed to be an easier week from last week, but tomorrow night is still a race and Thurs is 3 hours on the bike.......

It will be worth it....won't it?


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Of course it'll be worth it! =)

Mike J said...

My legs would be tired too. I'd be nervous if I were racing against you. Way to go.


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