Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tour comeback - "Inspired by Lance"

In two days I race the Three Day Tour and this year is a bit different as I just haven't quite got the fitness I wish I had, but anyway I am going reasonably well. So as most bloggers love to show off their "Bike Bling" here is my unashamed chance to show mine too.

My accident meant I had to buy a new helmet and since you cant buy the Met Stradivarius anymore, I have had to replace mine with a Met Inferno, now one little fact that you may or may not be aware of is that some helmet companies offer a special on crashed helmets that are under a certain age. My new helmet will be half price as my old helmet was only two years old and is wrecked, I could put pics of the old helmet on here but it still has blood on it. So KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS. But best of all the cheapest option is "DONT CRASH!!"

I bought new shoes (DMT Flash) on special (also about half price), about 8 months ago and have now decided to break them out and look the part!!! I finally got around to putting cleats on them WOO HOO...Then there is the bike which I have also had for about four months and this weekend will be its first Time Trial outing on Day Two and just for Fun, I copied a certain rider who made his comeback tour in January which inspired me to make my own "Tour comeback" commemorative bidon too.....except I think mine would be pink!.
I took the Scott out for 20kms yesterday and I came to the conclusion that it is a lot quicker than I am ready for yet....seriously I took off into a slight head breeze doing 34kph (20mph) although riding back at 40kph-24mph I couldn't maintain it for long the gear is one thing, but underneath it all the training is the base that pins it all I will be there "All the gear and no-idea!!!" aims for the tour are to have fun and get back into racing.
and I will be using the "Lance - original bidon - inspiration on the Time Trial and it matches the mighty Scott!"


Mike J said...

That sign is awesome. I'm sure it's guaranteed to make you go faster. Good luck at the race and most of all have fun.

Pedalman said...

I love the gear! That is some serious bling and I now have bike envy.
Keep the rubber side down and have a great time.

Donna said...

Call me "geeky" but I love seeing all the gear.

I hope you have a great time racing and here's to comebacks! :) I look forward to reading about it. We both have challenges this weekend!

Anyway, thanks for your kind notes and support. I really do appreciate your thoughts and respect!

BTW, I have a counter on the bottom of my blog page... it tells me when people visit and from where... it's kind of cool and it's free. Checkout sitemeterdotcom

A dream that was once lost but now found... said...

Good luck with your tour girl. Nice new gear as well. Looking very pro!

Buttsy said...

Mike - thanks for the encouragement and "fun" is defibately a plan this week.
Pedalman - we all have envy at OTHER PEOPLES STUFF
Donna, good luck this weekend too
ADTWOLBNF - Thanks and I even have the new Velo gear to wear so will look very pro on stage one

Colin said...

Hope it all went according to your expectations and look forward to your race report. I have fond memories of the Gippsland area in general and boating on the Lakes and off Painsville etc. Would love to ride there one day. Must be windy though.

Buttsy said...

Thanks Colin, so far have had a good tour, no major results but very happy with my time trial bike...more details to come

Bill said...

Good luck Judith keep BRT on the map!


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