Saturday, May 30, 2009

More sweaty windtrainer photos

OK this week (well since last Sunday) I have been BACK RIDING ON THE ROAD - 52km on Sunday in a bunch and we went quick later in the ride and yes I did run out of legs, no riding on Monday, 62km on Tuesday, 70km in two rides on Wed, none on Thurs as I had to go to Melb, 30 on Friday and today Shane and I did Chris Carmichael and sweated a lot...see I even have proof.
Anyway I have also bitten the bullet and decided to enter my first race since March which is the Gippsland Tour

The Start List for A B and C grade has only two female riders, there are usually a few women, but this year only two, the other girl Shannon is a very good upcoming rider and she should go well, she sprints like the boys, she is from a track background. Unfortunately the tour C grade is full of riders that ride B grade in their local clubs (which is me) and A & B grade are a timed tour, but C grade is only points, ie: Hill climbs, sprints
and stage finishes which kind of makes it hard for me to get any runs on the board, but my aim of this tour is to build some fitness, Day one is 64km
road, Day two 17km ITT and 54km road stage and day three is 60km road.
So my goal is to ride strong, have a great ITT and hopefully provided I get some time on the new Time Trial bike this week, is to ride the new time trial bike...but we will see.....have to get some practice on it first.

"If you have enough reasons you can do incredible things"


Groover said...

Oh, good luck in the Gippsland Tour. Good stuff! I need to pick your brain on ITT training. I have set a goal: the state champs. :-)

mike j said...

Glad to see you're getting in some good training and back at it. Good luck on your race.


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