Thursday, May 21, 2009

Collarbone mending - next week on the road

Firstly thanks to Bluenoser who repeatedly asked a question I had raised in a comment to him and told the story about his broked ribs It is a story worth a read and thanks for sharing.....I simply said that when you tell a story about a bike accident there are a lot of people who have stories to share, so if you have one check out his post and add your story....

Lots going on in Blogland - Can't believe that Mike is planning the 100 miles on a trainer challenge I have been relegated to my trainer in the shed but it is going well other than I find it boring. This is a pic of Shane and I in the shed - I have a bike permanently on a windtrainer and Shane has a spin bike set up and we often do DVD's together our favorite is the Chris Carmichael Time Trial one with "Power Intervals" just love it and I did it on Tuesday so "I am back in the game" - just have to get back on the road......and seriously looking forward to it...Just a bit nervous but I crashed on a descent and it is VERY FLAT here which is why the air force put a base here.....

Would like to train like "Suitcase of courage" not sure if it will help my fitness although I have been watching highlights of the Giro and Thank God they changed commentators as the first guy was shocking (when you have been used to Phil Liggett for so long) and now we have Michael Tomalaris who is good. PS - An Australian site worth a look is OzCycling which is actually run by Dan Jones whose dad rides in our bunch and it is his first big "reporting type" gig and some of the clips are nice and candid - emphasis is on the Aussies as we have some fantastic guys out there.

Enough free plugs now - but there are some fantastic achievements out there all the time. Huge
admiration for Jill Homer who had an amazing ride across the desert. Awesome.....makes me just want to fire up the mighty Trek and get some ROAD miles in my legs. - WOO HOO


Mike J said...

Thanks for the link in your post -by the way it didn't work when I clicked on it.

I own the Chris Carmichael Time Trial DVD as well. It's a killer of a workout but very effective. I've watched it so many times now that I can quote the whole thing. When Chris says "I'm sorry but it hurts for everyone" I want to throw something at the TV. I resist though.

Glad you get to do some real riding next week. Good luck you'll do great.

Buttsy said...

Thanks Mike, fixed trhe link had too many http:'s in it......what other DVD's do you recommmend?

Jenny-Jenny said...

I actually like that DVD. I usually mute the sound now and listen to some tunes, but only when Mike isn't home because he would rather do his own intervals. I'm just not as dedicated.

I broke my shoulder a couple years ago and took way too long to get back on the bike, glad your doing it better. Good Luck on the road!

Donna said...

This is a true story:

The multisport group I train with meets on Wednesday to do a bike/run brick. A few of them setup a tent in the parking lot and setup their trainers and rode on them outside.

Being a beginner I didn't know that there are specific training plans to do on trainers. I just thought they were a little whack.

They took the ribbing from everyone well and added a table, potted plant and a cool pitcher of lemonade.

They're training for an Ironman... so whatever you gotta do, you know?

Bluenoser said...

Love it. Great to see you back.


Groover said...

So good to hear that you are on the mend. I love the TT Carmichael DVD, too. It's tough.

Oh, thanks so much for the link to Ozcycling. We still don't have TV since we moved house (yeah, see where our priorities are?) so I get my cycling fix from the internet ...

Bluenoser said...

Hey did you see the Fatty and Jill video on Fatty's site?


Suitcase of Courage said...

I have to admit I have that DVD, but haven't watched it yet. OK, I *watched* it - but didn't *do* it. Does watching a training DVD while lounging in flannel pants eating popcorn count for anything?

Thanks for the shoutout. Rainy actually *did* finally get me out and I met my old nemesis, the Hartford Crit, this past Sunday with no incidents. Having broken my collarbone there last year, that was my only goal this time.

Glad to hear yours is healing well. I know how antsy you must be to get back on the bike. FWIW, the time I had off after my crash ended up yielding very good results later in the season. No pressure intended there - just that I think you'll be surprised at how little fitness you'll lose from the hiatus.

Buttsy said...

Donna, Windtrainer sessions (with heart rate monitor) are fantastioc and hard work and will ramp up your fitness
Groover - Ozcycling is great although we have commented on Dans laid back manner - he is doing well though
Bluenoser - saw it and loved the song Rough Boys they used as the soundtrack - looks like some tough countryside
Suitcase - Well done on the crit will have to read your blog and see how everything is going.......


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