Sunday, February 15, 2009

All that training

I have seriously trained hard this year so far and today was a big race, a three stage tour, including a 12km time trial (yay), and two road stages (one hilly)and I was pumped, that was until last night when I got home from work at 5, went to bed for an hour and last night in bed, felt like crap, and a bit febrile, so no racing today now after I had trained for it and everything. I even think I am starting to look fitter, my bathroom scales are messing with my head, I am trying to get to 72kg but at the moment, today am 75.9..........I actually chart my weight every day at the moment, but Wednesdays are D DAY.

And it is perfect weather and everything and I am looking at a time trial bike at the moment, a Scottt Plasma Pro which will be exciting, I am going to look at it this week in Melbourne unless of course this dreaded lurgy hangs around too long......Should try some of Groovers secret german remedies.....I can feel my glands are up a bit and I just feel flat today.....I was fine yesterday until about 3 o'clock. Rest and rest riding at all.....


Groover said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear, Buttsy. Hope you are feeling better soon and that it will go as quickly as it came. What tour is that, you had trained for so hard?

P.S. Uploaded the photo of us on fb. Sorry it took so long.

Buttsy said...

Thanks Groover, I saw the pic, and I got your message, will be dusint off the rollers here this week too for some fun.

The tour was just a one day tour, a combine race being held by Latrobe City Cycling Club, not a major goal, but a nice stepping stone to measure my training...and it had a time trial too!

sarah said...

So sorry you are sick and missing a race! Hope you feel better soon!

Buttsy said...

Thanks Sarah......going to the doc today, but I think it is more like a 24 hour bug (one of those bugs you get to make you slow down a bit)


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