Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Weight for it!!!

Training has been harder this week, mum and dad are here staying for a couple of months so it has been hard to squeeze in work, training, Christmas cheer and everything this week. The van took 45 minutes to get into the front yard and it only had about 20cm each side so it was TIGHT. Mum and dad are staying in the house, but we had to put the van somewhere
And I bought a set of those fancy scales that do body fat and everything,. I havent weighed myself for two months and my weight wasnt a shocker but a bit higher than I like to be, Shanes bodyfat was 12.2% and I am 4kg lighter and about 1cm taller, but mine was 25%......which is within normal limit....I am going to get it down before we head over to Adelaide to race and watch the Tour Down Under in January. I think dieting at Christmas is not a bad idea as it is too easy to stuff your face constantly without a care in the think about what you eat (oh and the drinking thing too.......)

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Groover said...

Oh, you are going to ADL. How exciting. I'm looking forward to reading all about it in Jan.

I've got those scales, too, but the novelty wore off quickly and we are just using the normal scale setting now and don't bother with the rest. Don't need the scale to know that I've got a fat ass. :-)


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