Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Training etc etc

Christmas was too much for the big boof.......

Well this week is going to be interesting for training I think....maybe not...will be doing the bare minimum I know that I have three night shifts including NYE where I am going to Pyramid Rock Festival..a three day music Festival on Phillip Island and there are 15,000 party goers there and I will be in the medical tent on NYE - What to expect? Maybe emotional/tired/drunk/high/injured I am reading up on drugs at the be informed....I think in general it is well run but ..the area will be run by doctors paramedics and first aiders, it will be interesting and busy no doubt.

So TRAINING - did an hour of ITT efforts on Saturday and it was a warm day and I sweated a bucket and it was hard, had a day off the bike yesterday and today I rode 40km this morning and having an easy day ready for night shift tonight......

Have been a bit tired lately, I have mum and dad staying which means I get less actual "brain free time", but it is getting better...

Motivation for training is good, will do a longer ride tomorrow after night shift distance depends on how busy we are and how I feel after the shift.....Mum and Dad are playing bowls at Maffra which is about 25km each way, I might do a 40ishkm ride there and watch them and then ride home the same way which will be a good ride and I am supposed to do long ride - miles in the legs type ride on Wednesday so that should be good too....overall I think the programme fits in well with my crazy work life.


Groover said...

The photo of tired doggy is cute. It looks like he's got a content smile on his face.

Glad to hear your training is going well. Keep it up.

I'm not training at the moment. Jut riding, which is great for a change. I have been very tired, too. Might just go and follow your dog's lead ... yawn. ;-0

sarah said...

Awww..I love the doggie pic! That's about how mine looked after presents too! Glad you are getting your rides done despite the work hours and house guests. Have a Happy New Years!

Buttsy said...

Hey Groover, I am training (of sorts) wish I was 4kg lighter....but we are racing the road race and ITT at the Vets Tour Downunder...entries close tomorrow.

Sarah, hope you have a great New Years too.....Morph is easy to pose for photos, he just lays there and laps up the attention. The house guests are ok, but they are parents and everybody has the same issues there.....but mum has got my housework done, so I cant complain!


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