Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Watching a DVD can be a painful experience

Me before the workout, the spin bike and my bike in the garage.
Me after..I tried to get the worst possible angle (it wasnt that hard really)

In light of my poor race last week (due to lack of legs not lack of mind)...and thanks for the support, yes I know I was ok in the race, just need to train harder. I did the Chris Carmichale DVD today, which goes in line with what my coach has set...but it is probably a bit more intense...I am knackered now....it is a hard DVD as the coach in the DVD says these Power Intervals are going to make you strong....keep it going to the end, this is where we put money in the Bank....
Anyway I did the DVD worked hard and to prove it I have the before and after shots
including our garage where the sweat happens. Now dad, see there are two bikes in the shed so when you come to visit I will save one for you! Seriously....I think that is a good idea.....and it is fully adjustable so I won;t take any excuses...and there will be a paramedic on hand too.....(Which is a good thing I think)


jiwakitamerdeka said...
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Groover said...

Oh yes, the Time Trial DVD hurts like hell. I used to do them a lot (I've got "Climbing" and the "Sprinting" as well) in winter but at the end I had to put the TV on mute and put music on as I would have thrown my show into the TV if I would have had to listen to "stick to it, stick to it" or "this is when you put the money in the bank" one more time ... :-)


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