Monday, November 17, 2008

Hospital Bike Ride

This weekend was the annual Sale To Lakes Entrance hospital relay. Well we decided not to relay it and rode the 175 on the Saturday and we rode to Paynesville on the Sunday and finished up with a pub lunch and a quiet celebration. Overall we rode 265km which was fun.
As far as my own riding went, I rode ok, I didnt do much work on the Sat but did a bit on the Sunday and rode ok up the Sand Hill. Di and Mick both said how well I rode, I dont think I am where I would like to be yet with my riding and I am still recovering from getting blown off the bunch on Tuesday, I will be riding this Tues and hopefully not getting blown off the back of the bunch...but we will see. I seriously have to improve my attitude to racing, I think it freaks me out a bit, even though I dont put pressure on myself to place, but it is hard and unlike hard training, I dont control the pace and in training you can be at the end of your rope, but it is still not the same in racing, I will definately be racing this Wed and possibly Thurs as well this week so I will be doing fast ride Tues and some cadence work on Tues and race Wed and Race Thurs...might just put a lot of workload in....was supposed to ride a hilly ride this weekend, which I am not doing now because I have to that is good and bad. Might even try to get some hills in early next week.
So thought for the day for me is: "Dont give up until you have given it everything!:"


Dad said...

Good morning so glad that you admit your limitations at times and not over extend your self trying to hard. Dad

Groover said...

Well done on that long ride. I don't think I've ever ridden that much in two days. Lots of racing coming up for you. You go, girl.

P.S. Your dad sounds exactly like my dad. :-)

Roger said...


Chris said...

Good luck with your races. I look forward to reading the report.


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